Who We Are?

Our Fabulous World is a marketplace platform bringing together Artisans, Craft, and Local producers who offer a range of products and services. We bring to our members Experience, Exclusive access, and Value for money to enjoy our products and services.

About Our Fabulous World


A membership is required to enjoy the experiences in Fabulous club. Our members pay an annual membership fee to access products and services. They enjoy a variety of products and services provided by artisans, craft, and local producers. This includes everything from hand crafted home décor, apparel, accessories, paintings, organic food, natural body care products and many more. Our private members experience the power that comes with belonging to Our Fabulous World.

Our Fabulous World offers three tiers of membership.

A Silver membership to enjoy Value for Money.
A Gold membership for those who are striven to Experience more.
A Platinum membership for those who prefer Exclusive products.


Our merchants who are artisans and small businesses are empowered by promoting their unique products to our members. This also provides them a means for livelihood. The products display artistry, craftsmanship and represent aesthetic quality and rich legacy of India. The products our merchants offer is created with inventiveness, dedication and quality work bringing specialised style and aesthetics. Our products and services are local, have an artisan angle and we stay real.

Our Localness is about exciting handmade artisan products that are local to a region.
Our artisan angle is about the aesthetic quality and rich legacy of the region.
Every product has a story behind the creation. This is about our merchants. This is about staying real.


One of the many benefits our members experience is buying of products and services through our specially selected network of Merchants. We are not just an online marketplace and our uniqueness is derived from the close interaction between our members and merchants.


With every purchase our members make, they are contributing towards supporting our merchant community. We contribute a portion of our profits to the community around our business. This is about creating a conscious community whereby we all take responsibility for our consumption and recognise impact of our actions Bound by strong ethics and integrity, this is made even more special as we have the capability to contribute at grassroots level to the development of a sustainable and healthy community. Our members play a vital role in this initiative.