Red Carpet 60 ML

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ourFAB is filled with people who love fragrance. Our artisans are the face behind the fragrance, and each has the essence of rural India. Every fragrance draws its inspiration from ancient India. Perfumes and fragrances have existed since the Indus valley civilisation and the aromatics were spices for the people of India. We bring a classic list of fragrances using local raw materials, originality, and innovation. Floral perfumes are there for a reason – they naturally hard-wired to make them irresistible. There is something innate about finding joy in flowers, and different blooms project different vibes. Given the variety and species of flowers are endless, it means there are floral notes out there to suit all different aspects of our personality. The Red-Carpet fragrance makes heads turn and hearts flutter. This flower-based fragrance blends natural ingredients to create woody, citrus, sweetness for both man and woman. By buying the product, you are helping a rural artisan small business grow and contributing to the environment. ourFAB have a wide range of fragrances to choose from – don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to know more about our artisans and rural India.

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Our mission is to bring beautiful and carefully crafted handmade products to your home. Our artisans have been busy handcrafting candles, skincare, body care and fragrances and other great quality products for a longtime.

Our handcrafted products made in India provides livelihood to rural women. Every product sold by us adds value to the life of a woman entrepreneur. All our products are paraben free and do not contain ingredients that are tested on animals. We also like to care for the environment, so we make sure all our packaging is recyclable. ourFAB is filled with lovely people, and we are passionate to bring beautiful products and fragrances to fill your home.

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